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Portable Leaf Meter

Portable Leaf Meter

Application A portable Leaf Area Meter with quick and precise measurement, easy for use and maintenance. It is more suitable for the plant which long leaf, such as the grass family. Features 1. Instant measure of accumulative or average value of area, perimeter, length, width, shape factor and...

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A portable Leaf Area Meter with quick and precise measurement, easy for use and maintenance. 
It is more suitable for the plant which long leaf, such as the grass family.


1. Instant measure of accumulative or average value of area, perimeter, length, width, shape factor 
and aspect ratio of a leaf

2. Non-destructive measurement

3. Unaffected measure for incomplete perimeter and insect hole of a leaf

4. USB interface for program upgrade and data transmission

5. Delicate and easy to take, suited for use indoors or in field


1. Sensor: CIS contact image sensor

2. Data of measurement

Unit of measuremm, mm2
Lengthmore than 2M
Width210mm, max.
Scanning speed200 mm∕s
Precision for area measure±2 % (Area of sample >10 %)
Resolution for area measure0.1mm2
Resolution for length measure1mm
Resolution for width measure0.1mm
Thickness≤6mm, max

3. Instrument
Display: 128×32 lattice, 2 lines
Data stored: 9999 sets of data
Interface: USB2.0
Power supply: 7.2V 2.5AH rechargeable Li battery,
Capacity: More than 1000 scans for each charge operation
Dimension: 182×64×40 mm
Operating temperature: 0 - 50 ℃

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