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Agriculture Equipment

  • 250L Plant Growth Chamber

    250L Plant Growth Chamber

    250L plant growth chamber, 12000LX, two motors to make continuous workingRead More

  • Cyclone Sample Mill FS-II

    Cyclone Sample Mill FS-II

    Cyclone Sample Mill FS-IIRead More

  • Chlorophyll Meter TYS-A

    Chlorophyll Meter TYS-A

    economical Chlorophyll Meter TYS-ARead More

  • Grain Moisture Meter

    Grain Moisture Meter

    Characteristic: The LDS grain moisture content cryoscope is the LDS-ID computer moisture content cryoscope promotion product, the performance stable reliable, has the outward appearance design national monopoly novel, the contour artistic, is versatile and the overseas...Read More

  • Glutomatic System

    Glutomatic System

    Introduction: MJ-III gluten tester test gluten content, gluten quality and gluten water holdup .It’s made of double head gluten washing machine and drier.Be used in test gluten quantity and quality in flour, Is suitable to the wheat flour and the entire wheat flour test....Read More

  • Soil PH, Moisture Meter

    Soil PH, Moisture Meter

    Introduction: The soil PH is a important factor to limits the crops production and the quality .This instrumentation is simple and convenient, can directly insert the soil. Technical specification: - Measuring PH range: 3-8% - Measuring moisture range: 1-8% - Precision: +1% -...Read More

  • Raw Fiber Analyzer

    Raw Fiber Analyzer

    Product description Raw Fiber Analyzer tests raw fiber content according to acid and alkali boiling method. It adopts accurate concentration acid and alkali to boil samples in particular condition, then removesoluble substances by ether, deduct the amount of minerals by high...Read More

  • Leaf Area Meter

    Leaf Area Meter

    Action: Can test the open door leaves area with not damage. easy to carries. Can test many kinds of data, such as leaf area, average area, length of leaf, width of leaf, thickness of leaf, perimeter and ratio of Length to width. Technical specification : Measuring range: leaf...Read More

  • Intelligence White Tester

    Intelligence White Tester

    Introduction: One have print function and the other one have no print function. Use pulsed-flash technology(The light illuminate when testing. The light go off after testing.)The meter will not give out heat. Can starting up in 24 hours continuous. Test white content of...Read More

  • Portable Leaf Meter

    Portable Leaf Meter

    Application A portable Leaf Area Meter with quick and precise measurement, easy for use and maintenance. It is more suitable for the plant which long leaf, such as the grass family. Features 1. Instant measure of accumulative or average value of area, perimeter, length,...Read More

  • Chlorophyll Meter

    Chlorophyll Meter

    Introduction: 1.Measures leaf chlorophyll, an important indicator of plant health. The SPAD-502Plus performs quick measurements of the chlorophyll content of leaves without damaging the leaf. Its lightweight, splashproof design make it ideal for measurements in the field....Read More

  • Centrifugal Divider

    Centrifugal Divider

    Introduction: 1. Electric Centrifugal Divider separate sample quickly and equally. The rotational rubber disk below electric loading hopper have centrifugal motion, separate and mix sample. 2. Widely used in seeds, grain , feed division. Can separate sample accurately in...Read More

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