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Bio-chemical Analyzer

  • SUNMATIK-6020 Automatic Biochemistry Analyzer

    SUNMATIK-6020 Automatic Biochemistry Analyzer

    Characteristics Bi-chromatic optic system with 10 wavelengths Automatic calibration, plus efficient alarm function Cuvette automatic washing system Various testing method which support qualitative test, quantitative test, grade test and kinetic quantitative test. Multi...Read More

  • SUNMATIK 9100 Automatic Biochemistry Analyzer

    SUNMATIK 9100 Automatic Biochemistry Analyzer

    Engine Performance The instrument type:Automatic random choose discrete; Emergency priority detection testing speed:800T/H,1400 T/H with ISE test method:End point method, two points, rate method and the immune turbidimetry/double wavelength/wavelength single wavelength method...Read More

  • Semi-auto Biochemistry

    Semi-auto Biochemistry

    Characteristics 1. Stream line design, nice appearance 2. Self calibration and trouble alarm function 3. Absolutely open system: both of programming and reagent 4. Warning tone for finished sipping and any other ready function 5. Function sketches on main menu; the software...Read More

  • SUNMATIK-9050 Automatic Biochemistry Analyzer

    SUNMATIK-9050 Automatic Biochemistry Analyzer

    Characteristics 24 hour non-stop water cycle cooling system to ensure reagent at 4-12℃ Dual-unattached durable ceramic syringes to ensure accuracy & precision Collision protection in both vertical and horizontal directions, stop & alarm automatically once touching...Read More

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