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Gas Chromatograph

  • GC122 Gas Chromatograph

    GC122 Gas Chromatograph

    FEATURES 1.Dual FID detectors, optional GCl22-TCD, GCl22-ECD, GCl22-NPD, GCl22-FPD, converter, gas sample inlet valve, etc. 2.Dual packed columns, dual samplers and dual gas path system structure, which can effectively restrain baseline fluctuation and drift in real time,...Read More

  • GC112A Gas Chromatograph

    GC112A Gas Chromatograph

    Features: 1.High accuracy of temperature control (optimum: ± 0.05℃), high reliability and anti-interference. 2.Control and operating parameters (including for detectors) set up by the keyboard. Self-diagnosis system, power-fail protection, file storage and call, limited...Read More

  • GC102AF Gas Chromatograph

    GC102AF Gas Chromatograph

    As a new generation instrument, GC102AF Gas Chromatograph applies the computer reverse control technology and can conduct remote detection and fault diagnosis, equipped with a flame ionization detector (FID). FEATURES: PC control, user-friendly interface, and easy to operate....Read More

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