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MultI-Channel ReaL-Time Fluorescent Quantitative PCR

MultI-Channel ReaL-Time Fluorescent Quantitative PCR

The FTC-3000, a 4th generation real time PCR system, has been developed to meet the exacting demands of today’s laboratories. The small footprint instrument is a great space saver, with an embedded computer and touch screen LCD, designed for outstanding performance. The six independent...

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The FTC-3000, a 4th generation real time PCR system, has been developed to meet the exacting demands of today’s laboratories. The small footprint instrument is a great space saver, with an embedded computer and touch screen LCD, designed for outstanding performance. The six independent temperature zoom, multi-color detection and high resolution melting(HRM) makes the FTC-3000 system very powerful.

- Specially designed six independent temperature zooms allow for a carrying capacity of up six  separate amplifications at a single PCR run.

- For mutation scans and genotyping, high thermal uniformity allows for high resolution melting

- Silver module enables faster ramping speeds and performs more runs.

-Embedded computer and touch screen LCD makes the system simple, easy to operate and a spacer saver.

- User-friendly software and USB interface for data collection, analysis and management.

Unique Temperature Control System

The accuracy and uniformity of the plate temperature is the most important factor of a thermocycler.

It has developed a unique six zoom temperature control system. The temperature of the six zooms can be set up as a same temperature, which will ensure the accuracy and improve the uniformity of the plate temperature.

FTC-3000 1

The system can be divided into six independent temperature zooms, i.e. the 96 well plate is divided into a 16(wells) by 6 zooms; each zoom can be set to different temperatures and controlled throughout. It can carry up to six separate amplifications in one PCR run.

Innovation Optical system

A specially designed optical system is comprised of an excitation source with extra long life, two bounds of optical fiber and a cooled CCD camera.

The broad spectrum excitation source provides high excitation energies over a wavelength range from 380 to 780nm. This arrangement makes the instrument compatible with the development of novel chemistries or fluorophores in the future.

All sample positions are illuminated and the resulting fluorescent emissions are directed through optical fibers to a cooled CCD camera. The optical signals can be collected within one second.

Powerful and professional system

1. Embedded computer and administration system

2. User friendly software with powerful functions

1) Auto-baseline and auto-threshold for simplified data analysis

2) Absolute quantification: Relative quantification △△CT:

3) Melting curve

4) Allelic Analysis △△CT

5) PCR efficiency calculation and correction well by well

6) SYBR green correction

7) Export data into Word and Excel file format

8) Quality Management

Superior temperature uniformity


Good repeats The curves for 5000 and 10000 copy template

 Melting curves

Excellent detection sensitivity


Weak signal curves The curves for starting template from 10 to 1010 copies

 The curves for standard samples


Capacity of sample96x0.2ml
Types of sample tubes:

8x0.2ml plate, 96x0.2ml PCR plate and standard 0.2ml

thin-wall tube semi-conductor

Thermal modeHeating and cooling
Temperature Range4-100℃
Heating speed5.7℃/S(MAX)
Cooling speed4.8℃/S(MAX)
Temperature display accuracy±0.1℃
Uniformity of well to well±0.25℃±0.15℃
Gradient Range30-100℃


differential range

Multiple temperature zooms6
Gradient area12
Detector-20℃ cooler CCD
Light SourceHalogen lamp(useful time≥5 years)
Excitation/Emission light filters5
Total filters8
Excitation wave length380nm-780nm
Emission wave length380nm-780nm

FAM.SYBR Green/Eva Green/LC Green/Fluorescein, 


ROX/Texas Red, Cy5/Cy5.5/LCD Red, Tamara

Functions of software

Absolute Quantification, Relative Quantification, 

Multiple Quantification, Melting Curve Analysis, 

△△CT, Allelic Analysis, PCR Efficiency calculation 

and correction well by well,SYBR Green I correction, 

Quality Management, Export easily to Word and 

Excel file format,Auto-baseline and auto-threshold 

for simplified data anlysis, Dye calibration by software

ElectricalVoltage: 100-240 VAC Frequency: 50/60Hz±1% Power: 1000W

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