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2-8℃ Pharmacy Refrigerator

2-8℃ Pharmacy Refrigerator

130L,236L,316L,656L,1006L medical pharmacy refrigerator

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Product Details


  • Professional equipment for medicines cold storage in medical industry also used to store bio products, reagent, vaccines

  • Suitable for pharmacy, pharmaceutical factories, hospitals, CDC, electronics, chemical, research institutes, college laboratories, food processing industry.

Forced Air-cooling System

Advanced forced cooling system to keep inside temperature stable and uniform. Finned evaporator with special cycle design of forced air cooling system to assure no-frost inside

Safety System

  • High/low temperature alarm, thermostat malfunction alarm, door ajar alarm, power failure alarm

  • Audible and visible alarm

  • Safe operation mode for malfunction of temperature controller testing point

  • USB port, optional temperature controller with thermal printer to track the temperature curve

  • Optional remote control mode by Wi-Fi monitor and special software

  • Keyboard lockable, password protection to avoid change parameter randomly

  • Power failure protect: the device would be attack by the high current when all devices restart simultaneously, the start-delay function would protect device from the damage

Characteristic Function

  • Safety door lock design to avoid door ajar

  • Big digital screen display for easy observation 

  • Optional testing hole

  • Adjustable shelves 

  • Inner light design for a clear display

Temperature Control Mode

  • Micro-computer control system with digital display to make device running stalely and accurately

  • Accurate digital temperature control and display, the accuracy can be 0.1℃

  • Excellent cooling distribution, inner temperature adjustable from 2℃~8℃

  • Stable temperature control with no ambient temperature affected to meet the structure and function need of reagent, medicines and bio-samples 

Forced air-cooling system with no-frost

Low-E heated glass with no-frost for better observation

Back blowing technology to keep inside temperature more uniformity


External dimension


Internal dimension


Net weight/kgPower/W



Compressor/No.Optional accessories
MPC-5V130130L500*503*1292418*390*761531502~8Imported/1Test hole, Thermal pinter, temp. recorder, water proof socket
MPC-5V236236L580*560*1785500*420*1090632542~8Imported/1Test hole, Thermal pinter, temp. recorder, water proof socket
MPC-5V316316L640*552*1880540*425*138092.52152~8Imported/1Test hole, Thermal pinter, temp. recorder, water proof socket
MPC-5V656656L1220*642*18851100*454*13251583102~8Imported/1Test hole, Thermal pinter, temp. recorder, water proof socket
MPC-5V10061006L1220*872*18851100*684*13252073102~8Imported/1Test hole, Thermal printer, temp. recorder

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