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What Is The Density Tester
- Oct 23, 2018 -

What is the density tester?

Density tester is an instrument for measuring image density and is one of the instruments for measuring photosensitivity.

Chinese name: Density meter English name: densitometer

Definition 1: An instrument for measuring image density is also one of the instruments for measuring the sensitometric properties.

Applied Science: Surveying and Mapping (a subject); Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (two subjects)

Definition 2: Apparatus for measuring the density of a substance. Due to the relationship between density and specific gravity, the densitometer can also be used as a hydrometer. The density meter is classified into a liquid density meter, a gas density meter, a solid density meter, and the like according to the use thereof.

Applied disciplines: mechanical engineering (a subject); analytical instruments (two subjects); physical analysis instruments - physical analysis instruments and accessories (three subjects)

In physics, the mass per unit volume of a substance is called the density of the substance. The symbol ρ (read as rōu). The international main unit is kilograms/meter^3, and the common units are gram/cm^3. Its mathematical expression is ρ=m/V. In the International System of Units, the main unit of mass is kilograms, and the main unit of volume is cubic meters, so the mass of 1 cubic meter of material is taken as the density of matter. For non-uniform substances, it is called "average density". The density tester is primarily used in an instrument that assists the laboratory in density measurement.

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