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Constant Temperature Oscillation Incubator Use, Use And Precautions
- Nov 28, 2018 -

Constant temperature oscillation incubator use, use and precautions

      The constant temperature oscillation incubator, also known as the full temperature oscillation incubator, is a two-way constant temperature product that can be cooled or heated and has oscillation. Because of its complete functions, it is also widely used. A constant temperature shaking incubator is used for dynamic culture in plants, organisms, and microorganisms. In the research departments of genetics, viruses, medicine, environmental protection, etc., the constant temperature oscillation incubator is also an indispensable experimental equipment. The constant temperature oscillation incubator has a large expansion space, and can add a light function and a constant temperature and humidity function, so the use of the constant temperature oscillation incubator is quite extensive.

Constant temperature oscillation incubator use method

1. Turn on the power, press the power switch, and the power indicator lights up.

2. The operator should read the instructions carefully and understand and familiarize with the function of the incubator before turning on the power.

3. When the temperature of the incubator reaches the set temperature, the heating is interrupted and the heating indicator is off. After the power is turned on for 90 minutes at the standard ambient temperature, the temperature can be kept stable. If the temperature in the box exceeds the upper limit, the alarm temperature is set to the factory setting. The 5°C temperature controller temperature tracking alarm indicator lights up and the heater power is automatically turned off.

4. Adjust the temperature controller to the desired temperature value for the user. This value should be higher than room temperature plus 50C.

5. If the glass door is opened to take the sample, the heater and the circulating air machine stop working. When the glass door is closed, the heater and the fan

In order to operate normally, it can avoid the pollution of the culture and the overshoot of the temperature.

Constant temperature oscillation incubator Note:

1. The electrical rating of the socket provided by the user shall not be less than the electrical rating of the unit and have good grounding measures.

2. When replacing the fuse, pull the plug out of the socket.

3. After the fault of the wire or electrical equipment, it should be repaired by a professional. Using accessories not recommended by the manufacturer will cause certain quality problems.

4. During use, it is strictly forbidden to put your fingers into the gap between the upper and lower movements.

5. The whole machine is strictly prohibited from being used in direct sunlight.

6. When using refrigeration, the ambient temperature should be lower than 32 °C, and when the ambient temperature is above 25 °C, the number of door opening should be minimized.

7. The heated object should be cooled in the ambient temperature before being placed in the machine. It is strictly forbidden to put the heated object directly into the refrigeration incubator to prevent danger.

8. It can be used at medium speed in the speed range to extend the life of the instrument.

9. When placing items on the workbench, an appropriate amount of space should be maintained between the test bottles to facilitate convection of cold and hot air.

10. It can be used at medium speed in the speed range to extend the life of the instrument.

11. The instrument should be placed on a relatively stable work surface, the environment should be clean and tidy, and well ventilated.

12. Proper use and attention to the maintenance of the instrument, so that it is in good working condition, can extend the life of the instrument.

13. During continuous operation, the instrument should perform a periodic inspection every three months; check the fuses, control components and fastening screws, and whether there are water droplets, dirt, etc. falling into the motor and control components.

14. The bearing of the transmission part has been filled with the appropriate amount of grease (No. 1 calcium-nano) before leaving the factory. During the continuous operation, the instrument should be filled with grease once every six months. The filling amount is about 1/3 of the bearing space. .

15. The instrument is used frequently, and natural wear is normal. After one year of use, if the motor or compressor is found to have abnormal noise; the transmission part bearing is worn, the belt is loose or cracked, and the electronic control component fails, the company will continue to provide quality service and assist in handling it.

16. The compressor should avoid continuous starting.

17. When placing items on the workbench, an appropriate amount of space should be maintained between the test bottles to facilitate convection of cold and hot air.

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