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Spectrophotometer Bacterial Cell Density
- May 18, 2018 -

The laboratory determines the growth density and growth period of the bacteria, and infers the growth density of bacteria based on experience and visual inspection. In the face of demanding experiments, the use of a spectrophotometer to accurately determine the bacterial cell density. OD600 is the standard method for tracking microbial growth in liquid cultures. As a blank solution, an uncultured culture solution was used, and the culture solution containing the bacteria was quantitatively cultured. To ensure correct operation, cell counts must be performed with a microscope for each microorganism and each instrument to make a calibration curve. Occasionally, the negative OD value of the broth was observed in the experiment. The reason was that a color-developing medium was used. After the bacterium was cultured for a certain period of time, it reacted with the medium to cause a discoloration reaction. In addition, it should be noted that the test sample cannot be centrifuged, keeping the bacteria suspended.

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