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Spectrophotometer's Important Accessory - Cuvette
- May 18, 2018 -

Spectrophotometric cuvettes are roughly classified into quartz cups, glasses, and plastic cups according to the material. According to different measurement volumes, there are cuvettes and capillary cuvettes. The general test nucleic acid and the ultraviolet quantification protein use the quartz cup or the glass, but it is not suitable for the colorimetric determination. Because the dyes in the reaction (such as Coomassie brilliant blue) can color quartz and glass, disposable plastic cups must be used. Plastic cups are generally not suitable for testing samples in the UV range.

Due to the difference in the amount of samples to be tested, the spectrophotometer manufacturers generally provide different volumes of cuvettes to meet the different needs of users. There is already a plastic cup in the market that can be used for nucleic acid, UV protein quantification, and protein colorimetry. The amount of sample is only 50μl. The cuvette is aseptically packaged and can be recycled. Such as the Eppendorf UVette® plastic cuvette, is an innovation in the cuvette market. With the development of life sciences and related disciplines, higher requirements are placed on the experimental research of such sciences. The spectrophotometer will be an indispensable instrument for molecular biology laboratories, and will also become necessary for laboratories of microbiology, food, and pharmaceuticals. One of the equipment.

With the development of science and technology, the cuvette is not an essential item for spectrophotometers. The ND1000 spectrophotometer manufactured by Nanodrop International can be compared with the old spectrophotometer, it can be done without diluting the sample, without the use of a cuvette, only 1-2μl sample is needed for each measurement. Measurements can be completed.

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